Division 50 : Water transport
501  Sea and coastal water transport
 5011 Sea and coastal passenger water transport
   This class excludes:
   - restaurant and bar activities on board ships, when provided by separate units, see 5610, 5630
   - operation of “floating casinos”, see 9200
  50111Sea and coastal ferry service
  50112Sea and coastal water cruise, water taxis and other sight seeing boats
  50113Sea and coastal long distance water transport
  50119Other sea and coastal water transport n.e.c.
 5012 Sea and coastal freight water transport
   This class includes transport of freight over seas and coastal waters, whether scheduled or not, transport by towing or pushing of barges, oil rigs etc.
   This class excludes:
   - storage of freight, see 5210
   -  harbour operation and other auxiliary activities such as docking, pilotage, lighterage, vessel salvage, see 5222
   - cargo handling, see 5224
  50120Sea and coastal freight water transport
502  Inland water transport
 5021 Inland passenger water transport
  50211River ferry service
  50212River cruise, water taxi, boat services
  50213Long distance river water transport
  50219Other inland water transport n.e.c.
 5022 Inland freight water transport
   This class includes transport of freight via rivers, canals, lakes and other inland waterways, including inside harbours and ports
  50220Inland freight water transport
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